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Womens Venom of a freak


Category: MPF, Pre workouts, Womens line

Advanced micro dosed extreme pre workout

VENOM OF A FREAK is a pre-workout nutritional supplement designed to boost focus, energy and strength during physical exercise, enabling you to push past your mental and physical limits.

Our goal with VENOM OF A FREAK  was to create a product that gives you a solid good workout, no bulls$#t and not emptying your pockets. That’s why the revolutionary VEONOM OF A FREAK pre-workout contains solid doses of  14 key nutrients,  to create one of the most intense pre-workout supplement on the market today.

Our brand creator of MPF SUPPS john chatley www.phase7training.com was tired of buying products that didn’t deliver the goods as it said on the package, and over pricing that didn’t justified what a pre workout should deliver, so he created his own with a great team of bio chemists in USA, then bring the formula to line up with strict EU laws on sports supplements. The key aspect he wanted was clean powerful long-lasting energy without that horrible crash or jitters and that razor sharp tunnel vision focus which after 15 years of training is the key to those solid intense workouts that get results and grow muscle.

Then before bringing it to market the simple test getting the feed back by having his team athletes IFBB PRO  DOBRI DELEV and IGNACIO TORRES and local athletes at his gym test the product and give honest feedback, which we are proud to say came back with the simple answer that’s an awesome F$#kin pre workout.

Get DEEP IN THE TRENCHES  now with the VENOM OF A FREAK pre-workout!